Below are two testimonials that were written by recent clients describing
their experience with RR Design and the computer systems they received:

(originally posted on a professional photographer’s forum)




Tom Sapiano testimonial

Ron built my machine a couple of months ago and I've been extremely happy with it! It's been run a lot, often multitasking between several very demanding software applications and hasn't missed a beat - it has yet to crash once since I've owned it, and has never shown any degree of instability.

Anyway, just to give a little background on myself - I've been using computers well before the first IBM PC and have built more than a half dozen of my own machines in that time. Aside from my photography work, I'm also a 3rd year computer engineering student, and hence am very well versed in the details of the technology. My original intention was to buy the parts and built this machine myself. However, after trying to hunt down locations to buy all of the specific parts, and trying to figure out all of the thermal concerns modern machines have (the last two generations of machines I had were laptops, and 486s never really needed much in the way of cooling) so I was a little out of date on the more practical aspects of modern machines.

Nonetheless, until I sent Ron an email, I was unable to find a builder who was capable of having an intelligent discussion with me, and understanding what I wanted to do. Ron was a contrast to every other firm that I talked to and pretty well knew everything about each of the different components I was looking at. He went over my choices, and even convinced me to change a few specs - which is no small feat if you knew me ;) His knowledge and experience convinced me to have him build it instead of going for it myself, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Through the entire process he kept me apprised of what he was doing and if anything came up he shot me an email so I could decide what to do. We were in regular contact and looking back, I was quite suprised with the sheer volume of emails that we had exchanged ;) He ran through everything from component selection to partitioning the HDDs, to the workflow that I eventually adopted - so it was a lot more than just a machine that he sold me.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, he has built an awesome machine for me. On top of being an incredibly fast beast (its at least an order of magnitude faster than its predecessor), it more importantly has rock-solid stability. That is often one thing that normal systems lack, yet is so incredibly important for any professional workflow. Rebooting half-way through a task not only costs you time, but blows your concentration and slows down your work. Ron puts a lot of personal attention to all of the little details that allow the machine to offer this stability, from optimizing airflow, to running the cabling to placing the components. While they sound like little things, they can add up to a noticeable effect on the stability of the machine and are something your mass-market companies can't offer. Machines built from cookie-cutter designs, assembled by minimum wage workers on an assembly line can never offer this degree of workmanship. Add to that the experience he has in building custom machines, especially dual-AMD ones, and he'll do a lot better than even the best of us DIYers can pull off ;)

Ron has built systems for several members of this board, and I've never heard anyone mention anything negative about his work - and that says something. Boards generally have a tendency to bring out any complaints and only occassionally get good comments. He runs his business on referrals, and I take every opportunity I can to offer mine - both to help him, and to help anyone who might consider buying a machine from him, as you'd definitely do well to acquire his services ;)

PS For the record, I am in no way affiliated with Ron or his business and don't stand to profit from this statement - just a very satisfied customer that would like others to share in his awesome work in these times when fine workmanship is very hard to find ;)




John Mitchell testimonial

For those that might be considering a new machine, Ron recently built me a computer. I've been doing photography and graphics for many years and have had many Dells. I like the company but I finally wanted a strictly graphics machine built solely for that purpose. While Dell does make workstations, I can't say that they emphasize "graphic" workstations. I've also heard about some hardware conflicts and was turned off by the recent trend towards more and more integrated parts. They also do not use AMD and after reading endless reports, I wanted an AMD machine. Although I like their ads, I REALLY didn't want my peers coming over all the time and saying, "Dude, you got a Dell." :)

Anyway, Ron and I walked through all of my uses and he made his recommendations based on those needs. He gave me options regarding price and performance and let me decide on the areas that I was unsure of. It's not uncommon for me to work with 200Mb. or larger files and was tired of listening to my computer "crunch" all day long. We went with dual AMD's, 1.5Gb's. of RAM and SCSI hard drives along with some other top grade parts. During the order process, he walked me through each component until the best machine for my needs was reached. I got the machine about 2 weeks ago and have been smiling ever since... as promised. These machines aren't cheap but I really bought a "rocket" and we used the best parts available. With regards to cost, time is money and Ron pointed out how much it was costing per week to just sit there and wait while my old machine slowly crunched along, so in reality, the machine will make much of the money back in time savings. The unit is solidly built and as far as the speed is concerned... as I said, try and wipe that smile off my face. I timed certain operations on both the new and old machine. It used to take about 40 seconds to open a 250MB file with many layers. It takes about 6 seconds on the new machine. That's why I'm smiling. I'd say that things are anywhere from 3 to 8 times faster on the new machine depending on the application. I could kick myself for waiting this long to have a "true graphics" machine built for my business.

For anyone thinking of buying a new computer, consider your uses and perhaps a custom built machine might be a better solution for you as it was for me. You might not need quite as fast of a machine but Ron will work with you to design a system that will best suit your needs and meet your budget. Although the machine isn't cheap, cost wise it really was only slightly more than a high end Dell but the components were hand picked, the hard drive partitioned for my needs, and I didn't get whatever parts Dell had on their shelves and needed to unload. As you can see, I'm very happy and would recommend Ron to anyone thinking about a new computer. Give him a call or feel free to contact me about my machine.

I don't recommend many businesses to other users but I have no qualms at all recommending Ron's business. He's a great guy to work with and really knows his stuff. He spends as much time with detail on his computers as he does with his lens testing and most of you already know how meticulous he is with his lens evaluations. For a new computer, either now or in the future, it's worth your time to contact him.

If you would like to ask questions regarding the products and services we offer, or would like us to send you more information, please let us know. We would be happy to provide you with whatever information you require.

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