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An RR Design computer can be anything from a basic system to a custom graphics workstation. The unifying characteristic is the use of quality parts.

There is a major difference between generic parts a manufacturer selects
based on the lowest bid, and quality parts that best meet your needs
which have been obtained from reliable sources at the lowest price.

Computers, as in other fields, have a variety of grades of parts available. In a typical computer the major parts that are shoppable are as follows: CPU, amount of RAM, size of the hard drive, speed of the CD/DVD, size of the monitor, and what kinds of parts are in the box. This leaves a lot of latitude for a manufacturer to cut corners on parts the consumer cannot shop for or is not aware of. There is a vast difference between various types of motherboards, hard drives, RAM, etc. and usually you wonít find out until much later that it actually ends up costing time and/or money down the road due to problems with inferior parts. For instance, some manufacturers use motherboards with integrated sound, video and modems to cut costs. As you progress, you want to upgrade these parts, but in many cases you will discover that there are problems doing so and therefore you must replace the motherboard to replace other parts. The difference in speed gained by use of a good motherboard and a fast hard drive can gain you a half-hour a day ó how much is your time worth? The difference between a good monitor and an inexpensive monitor can mean the difference between serious eye strain and long-term comfort that can mean a difference to your health.

At RR Design, we build single and dual-CPU workstations for graphics and other professional uses, as well as office and home computer systems. Our focus is on selecting the best gear for the needs of the client, and within the clientís budget we avoid cutting corners on quality. This allows us to provide systems with the greatest degree of reliability and performance for the dollar, and we support those systems as well as the client via email and telephone, assisting with hardware, software and configuration issues.

We do a great deal of research into hardware on an ongoing basis, and know the right gear for best performance in different situations. It does not always have to cost more to do things right, you just have to know how to spend the money (as you have probably discovered from other fields). You do often get what you pay for, as you also know. There are certain areas where it makes a great deal of sense to spend extra when building the system rather than have to junk a piece of gear later when you have discovered itís limitations are not acceptable.

We consult with our clients on their needs now and in the future, and determine what will do the job. Together, we discuss the different ways a system could be built that would provide the flexibility for growth that the client needs. We build the system, test it thoroughly, configure it as the client wants it rather than in a generic method that is easy to clone, but causes organization problems later. We offer the creation of a restoral disc that allows the client to recover the system in case of disaster. We provide technical support for both hardware and software, and offer a degree of personalized service that is not generally available. We want our clients so happy that they tell their friends.

Dual-CPU graphics workstation

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Graphics-Video workstation

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If you would like to ask questions regarding the products and services we offer, or would like us to send you more information, please let us know. We would be happy to provide you with whatever information you require.

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